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Plastic Consumption in the World

Plastic packaging consumption has become an important issue across the world today. Packaging is a tool used to protect, store and transport products. However, most packaging materials are recycled as environmentally harmful waste, and plastic packaging in particular stands out.

Consumption of plastic packaging is growing rapidly worldwide. According to statistics, around 360 million tons of plastic were produced worldwide in 2019, of which around 40% was used in packaging. Plastic packaging consumption is growing rapidly, especially in developing countries. The large population and rapid economic growth in these countries are driving demand for plastic packaging.

China is the world’s largest consumer of plastic packaging. China’s annual plastic packaging consumption reaches approximately 60 million tons. The USA ranks second and its annual plastic packaging consumption is approximately 38 million tons. The European Union consumes an average of 16 million tons of plastic packaging annually.

The increasing consumption of plastic packaging has a serious impact on the environment. As Güvenel Ambalaj, we produce our products with the use of environmentally friendly raw materials that can easily dissolve in nature. Plastic packaging has become a major environmental problem, especially in the seas. Plastic wastes endanger life in the seas and cause an ecological crisis. In addition, plastic packaging remains insoluble in nature for years and causes space problems by taking up space in landfills.

For this reason, the use of environmentally friendly packaging materials is being encouraged around the world. Biodegradable materials, recyclable materials and paper packaging stand out as environmentally friendly alternatives. It is also important for consumers to reduce their use of plastic packaging and encourage recycling.

As a result, plastic packaging consumption has become an important issue worldwide. Due to high demand, the production of plastic packaging continues to increase and using environmentally friendly raw materials such as Güvenel Packaging principles significantly reduces the impact of plastic on the environment.