With 37 years of sectoral experience, we are growing by increasing our success every year!



Founded in 1986 in Istanbul, our production area has developed rapidly with the principle of quality production process and 100% customer satisfaction. With 37 years of experience and a strong customer portfolio, we continue to build our Güvenel Packaging and Accessories factory where we were established as a production line. By not giving up our principles that we consider our commercial activities as moral and correct, sensitive to human and environment; fast and high quality based; We are advancing one step further with each passing time to national and international targets.

We follow all the innovations in the packaging sector and continue our activities with our professional R&D team with the aim of becoming the pioneer of the sector by improving ourselves in every passing process.


Together with our colleagues, we aim to offer high standards of products and services in universal quality. We aim to be a symbol of reliability, respectability and continuity for our business partners, customers and teammates, especially for our country.


Our aim since the day we entered the sector; Based on Kai-zen production principles, without compromising our rules, sensitive to human and environment, fast, efficient and high quality planning and production of customer requests and needs in our supply chains.

We are the First Choice in Protective Packaging Production with Quality Management Process!

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